Is Your Shower Ruining Your Hair?

shower head

While the debate about whether chemicals in our water supply can cause hair loss goes on, they can certainly contribute to ‘hard water’ which in turn can make hair feel brittle and look dull, dry or frizzy.

Those who swim also know the importance of washing chlorine out of the hair after swimming. It may do a good job protecting us from bacteria in the pool, but dull and clumpy is not a good look!

A friend’s mother will only wash her hair using rain water collected from a water butt and swears this is the secret to her thick locks at the age of 74, though I suspect she is genetically lucky as well.

When I visit my mother who lives in a non-fluoridated area in rural Ireland, it is noticeable how much softer my hair is after washing, to the extent that I scarcely need to use hair conditioner.

In my area the water is hard, leading to lots of extra business in kettle, washing machine and boiler sales! But if that’s what it can do to our kettles, washing machines and boilers, what is it doing to our HAIR?

So what can we do to improve our hair washing experience when we are unlucky enough to live in hard water areas (ie those with a high level of magnesium and calcium) and reduce chlorine levels?

To protect our boiler, shower and washing machine in our property, we have paid £140 to have a electrolyte de-scaler fitted to our cold water supply inlet.

However for a cheaper solution, purely to filter your shower water, there are a range of water filter shower heads available to reduce chlorine levels (and bacteria as well) from around £29. Some also come with cartridges which can be replaced every six months, which may be more expensive initially, but can save money in the long term.

Before researching options it is a good idea to check with your water company to find out if it treats your area’s water with chloramine, as some areas use this chemical instead of chlorine. Chloramine can still be harmful to your hair and skin, so if this is the case, you can choose a filter that specifically removes chloramine.

Many online reviewers have praised a noticeable improvement in the condition of their hair, scalp and skin, so a good present idea too.