Is Losing Your Hair Worse Than Losing A Breast?


A recent TV programme ‘My New Hair’ featured three women who had lost their hair owing to cancer and Alopecia.

Interestingly 36-year old Scottish music journalist Helen, who lost a breast through cancer 18 months ago, said; “When I lost my breast, it didn’t bother me, but losing my hair stripped me of my identity. I’m a goth rock chick and for 14 years I’d colour it red or black. My hair was powerful, my identity. I had long scarlet hair. It was my calling card.”

Helen’s hair has since tried to grow back but as grey fluff rather than sufficiently thick hair, so she now alternates between a choice of rock chick style wigs.

This set me thinking about the flip side of hair loss and was there anything about this misfortune that can be regarded as ’empowering’? I think the one thing I have got out of the experience is that it cured me of a lot of my other fears in life. For me, nothing else (short of a close bereavement) will ever bother me as much again. Divorces, car breakdowns, unfair redundancies – bring them on! Albeit, possibly not losing a breast.

That said, I believe I’ve been able to move on from hair loss by grabbing the bull by the horns and seeking the excellent replacement hair solution I found with Aspiration Hair. Had I waited any more years trying various pills and potions which did very little (if anything at all)  and deluding myself things would magically improve somehow, I am sure I would have just grown more and more depressed and unconfident.