Is it possible to have hair added a bit at a time, so no one can notice that you are having something done. I do want to walk into work one day without hair and the next day with a full head of it– I would be ridiculed?

A very good question. No one ever wants friends or co-worker, even family, to know they have had or are having hair replacement. In the UK it seems to be a bad word. I personally can’t figure out why, as hair is a wonderful and life-changing thing to have (no matter where it comes from). But, we live in a world where certain types of self-improvement are not openly admitted– it looks like you have a weakness. This especially seems true for those who are overweight and those with hair loss. The good news is that our society is rapidly changing- we live in a society where Breast surgery and face lifts are so common they are being accepted as being normal parts of self-improvement. So, hair replacement is going the same way… but, some still want it secret… and that is no problem. Over the last few years, Aspiration Hair has spent large amounts of resources perfecting its PHASES™ programme: whereby we replace or add hair is such a special manner that no one can tell you have had hair replacement. Everything is done in carefully planned stages, so the results are minimal, but gradually over a planned time increase. Usually, co-workers think you have lost weight or had transplants–that you look better or younger. The idea is that you can still self-improve and enjoy life, but without fear of anyone knowing.