Is Hair Cloning the Future?

Weeks after American company Alvi Armani Hair Loss Research announced it is discontinuing work on hair cell cloning owing to the technical complexities to focus on its patented TR1 Natural Plant extract (for which they are claiming up to 38% better results over AMA-approved treatments Minoxidil and Finasteride), British scientists have claimed to be getting better cloning results, purely by turning over the petri dish to encourage the cells to form into clumps as found in natural hair growth. True, they have only succeeded in growing a few white hairs on the backs of mice so far (though you’d think human volunteers would be queuing round the block for this experiment!), they remain optimistic that they have found the answer.

Meanwhile their one-time rival in the race has changed their thinking entirely and now believe there is no such thing as dead hair follicles, only miniaturised hair cells which they believe can be rejuvenated with TR1.

Said Alvi Armani’s Dr. Hayatdavoudi on the subject of hair cloning; “Any hair loss treatment must produce cosmetically acceptable results and without control of hair angulation and trajectory in hair cloning, unattractive cosmetic outcomes are likely. The number of donor follicles to be collected is far greater than initially thought. Donor cell extraction process is difficult with significant amount of cellular waste producing limited usable cells. Thousands of follicles are needed to replicate them for treating baldness. Potential for cancer development with excessive auto replication of injected cloned cells is also a concern,”

The collaboration between Britain’s Durham University and America’s Columbia display no such misgivings as they enthusiastically talk of cloning hair cells which will each contain the ‘instruction book’ to grow a new hair, though as with any hair loss treatment, this is likely to be at some unspecified time in the far distant future, albeit with the promise that it will be cheaper than hair transplants, when it comes along

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