Is Coconut Oil the new Snake Oil for Hair Loss?

cocount oil

It clearly works for coconuts but can coconut oil work for human hair growth?

Yes, if the extraordinary claims of a new hair product ‘Regrowz‘ are to be believed, for this is the chief active ingredient of their new two-part topical treatment, along with an unspecified mix of herbs and flowers.

The manufacturers are claiming an extraordinary 100% success rate for their product, though on closer inspection, this is based on a very small survey of 13 people conducted by a research company called Princeton (with no connection to that illustrious university) and seemingly not conducted under strictly scientific conditions.

However even if true, who would dare to claim a 100% success rate for their product? And how can they without falling foul of advertising standards which generally prohibit such extravagant claims? Questions have also been raised about their before and after photographs which are far from uniform in the angle from which they are taken and the hairstyle of the subject, who may well also have washed or grown their hair, making the ‘after’ shot appear more luxuriant, whether accidentally or intentionally.

Of course this is not the first natural oil to have hair regrowth claims made about it. Tea tree oil, Argan oil, Castor oil and Vitamin e oil have all had their turn in the spotlight (has anyone tried a combination of all of them?).

Certainly it would be much cheaper to just go and buy a tub of pure coconut oil than to spend £200 every six months on Regrowz. But if you do give it a go, please let us know if you are one of the 100% lucky customers it apparently works for.

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