Interview With an Aspiration Client

Abdul is a confident and outgoing 21 year old Asian guy who has been with Aspiration for a year now. With or without hair he has always been attractive and did some fashion modelling as a 14 year old.

‘It was when I was 16 that I first noticed something weird was going on with my hair. It seemed to be getting thinner all over. I was shocked and thought no, this is way too young for this to be happening to me.

I started taking vitamins and using Rogaine but nothing I tried seemed to make any difference AT ALL! It just carried on getting thinner and thinner until when I was eighteen whole clumps started disappearing at the front. I thought it was alopecia to start with but it turned out it was plain old male pattern baldness. I looked at my grandparents on both sides and both my grandfathers were completely bald. My dad had also lost his hair so it seemed obvious to me that I had no chance. It was going to happen to me too.

Luckily my dad who was also not happy about losing his hair had already found Aspiration some years before and put me onto them. I was delighted with the results. It’s great having hair again. And not just any old hair but great hair. Hair which brushes in the right direction and behaves the way I want it to. Better behaved than my original hair ha ha. It might take a few minutes longer to wash and dry in the morning, but the only hair worry I have these days is remembering my salon appointment each month. Now I look around at my friends and think ‘Hmmm, his hair’s not looking so hot!’ And though I was a confident guy anyway and wasn’t going to let hair loss stop that, you can’t have too much of a good thing I reckon. Or too many compliments about your hair!’