I have tried a number of products for hair loss, like Regaine, but they did not work. Why should I try yours?

A good question as products for hair loss are a big issue. With so many people suffering hair loss, about 15% of people looking have tried something that did not work or worked only marginally. The most popular hair loss solutions are Regaine (Minoxidil) and Propecia (Finasteride)… and there are many versions out there, so you have to be careful that you have the right one (that has not been “watered down” or “played with” in any way). The pure FDA solutions are what you want to stay with for many reasons.

Over the years, with countless hair loss clients, we have found that using just one product for hair loss in isolation is often not enough. We have discovered that because androgenic (common) hair loss has a number of causes, it is best to use a 4-prong approach led by USA FDA- approved products to make sure that we address all of them, including hair and scalp detoxification and nutrition to ensure your hair has the best chance to grow back. Especially, we back all of our hair loss products with our Aspiration Promiseā„¢ warranty (the best there is).

I hope this helps.