I am a male in my 30’s losing my hair (like my Father), but feel embarrassed about having hair replacement. Is this common?

Yes. Mostly because our society has not brought hair loss into the open as an acceptable topic. In the not so distant past, movies, comedians, etc. have all used being bald as a joke. The medical community also have viewed baldness as vanity, and those experiencing it as “whiners” or being too emotional. Men, especially, used to think dealing with hair loss was a female thing, as “tough men” didn’t let it bother them — they should just accept it. Also, the use of “wigs” has never been seen as a real or “manly” thing to do. But, with the rise of self-improvement and the Technology to deal with hair loss and hair problems of any type, it is now seen as perfectly acceptable for a man or woman to want to deal with these— pro-actively and directly. Great hair means a so many positive things such as increased self-confidence, a better life, or feeling better about yourself to most people.

These cultural realities have changed radically with our generation of our Aspiration Hair Systems that are not “wigs”… they are permanent, like a second skin, don’t come off (except once a month to re-attach), and you sleep, swim, run, go to the gym ,and just enjoy life with basically your “own” hair. You can gel, put your hair back, and do anything with our hair systems… even your sweat comes through the pores.

Finally, if you would rather try and re-grow your hair, that also is done with complete warranty. Both our in-house programme and our hair re-growth kits are led by USA-FDA approved products as well as our own nutrients and detoxifiers… and as we said they are backed by our famed Aspiration Promise™.

Come in and have a totally private, free consultation and let us listen to what you may want and then show you what we can do. With Aspiration Hair’s technology, hair loss of any type can be solved easily and not cost the moon—all it takes is that first step to come and see how we can help you. Today’s mantra is “don’t let hair loss or hair problems rob you of 1 minute of enjoying your life… it can be fixed easily.”