How to beat hair loss. Definitive pullout guide for men and women

It was admirable of columnist Sarah Vine to share her story of unexplained hair loss

sarah vine

since the age of 14 and great to see this issue as a banner headline on the front of last Saturday’s Mail on Saturday.

Whether she was aware of her inadvertent gaffe about the ‘pull-out’ on the front advertising headline is another matter.

Just remember that the human hair solution Sarah has chosen in the article to beat her hair loss is by no means the only one available.  Nor will Aspiration Hair try to sell you psychological sessions first to ‘come to terms with your hair loss’ as some do before offering you their solution, when in actual fact it is your hair loss which is causing your psychological problems so solve the hair loss, solve the psychological problems!

In addition you will spend 1-2 hours in the chair when you come to see us for your new hair maintenance appointments and not up to 8!

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