How Does Your System Attach to Your Head?

Mine attaches with surgical glue to the front and sides. Some people use a mixture of glue and two-sided tape (super strong). These last about 2 weeks to a month depending on how oily or dry your skin is and your activity level (the more sweat and oil the faster the adhesives will break down). About every 5 days or so I add some adhesive at the very front with a Q-Tip (takes 5 minutes) as this is the most likely place for the glue to break down. And that’s it. MY HAIR IS SIMPLY WONDERFUL, and allows me to do everything my real hair could, as the glues are very strong and undetectable. Also, some very good news is that Aspiration Hair are always having developed new glues and adhesives that constantly “push” the boundaries including the new Aspiration Super Hair tape that lasts up to an incredible 41 days without breakdown.