How Aspiration Hair changed my life! Rob from Manchester.

Before I found Aspiration Hair, my hair loss had taken place over many years and had affected my confidence greatly. My first experience with hair replacement left my confidence even worse and my faith in the industry shattered. Quite simply, I was left looking worse than before I had started.

Following my first experience, and determined not to put myself through the same thing again, I spent many months researching the whole industry and by chance found Aspiration Hair. The praise that this one company seemed to continually be getting as the leader in hair replacement appeared to set it way ahead of the competition. Although I was still feeling very low from what had previously happened I had to make the decision whether to give up completely or have one last try with another company.

From my initial consultation I never felt that anything was over-promised but the end results have far exceeded my expectations. What I now have is a natural looking head of hair, correctly matched to my own hair texture and the correct density for my age. It is as close to perfect as I think it will ever be.

Rob, Manchester