How are Hair Systems different to wigs and hairpieces?

Wigs do not have the realism that hair systems have. The often are simply a bunch of hair woven together and placed on your head. They are hot, don’t breathe, make your head sweat, do not blend in with your remaining hair, and the fronts cannot be exposed for fear of looking like fake hair.

“Hair Systems” are virtually undetectable to both sight and touch and are manufactured with the highest quality human hair available. Aspiration Hair systems are undetectable, breathable, and become part of your hair- they blend in. You can swim, run, shower, and literally live in them for up to a month before they are removed for grooming (like a typical hair salon visit). Our systems also are famed for the front where it appears as though the hair is growing right out of your scalp. Also, with a system (unlike a wig) you can create any hairstyle you wish including those that allow you to comb your hair back and away from your face exposing your entire hairline. This system stays on your head and is not taken on and off like a wig, nor is it unsightly and unrealistic looking like hairpieces of old. No one will be able to tell looking at you that it is not your own hair! Above all, you can live your life with confidence, just as before.