Heart Drugs and Hair Loss

Sally Bee

TV Chef Sally Bee ¬†of ITV’s Lorraine show has revealed how taking daily heart drugs has taken a terrible toll on her once lustrous locks.

47-year old Sally was struck by two major heart attacks in 2004 – the result of an undiagnosed heart condition which meant one artery had disintegrated owing to SPAD (spontaneous coronary artery dissection), a condition so severe and rare it is normally only found at post-mortem.

Says Sally. ‘ I was tremendously lucky to survive but almost overnight I noticed my hair seemed to lose half its volume because of the shock. I thought it would recover over time but the heart drugs seem to have made it worse over the years until now I have bald patches.’

Sally suspects that a beta blocker called Sotalol and blood pressure drug Perindopril are the culprits, but has no choice but to take them.

Hair loss may seem like a small price to pay having survived such a health crisis, but for Sally it was not just about having confidence on the school run but in the public eye too so she decided to embrace wigs as a return to 70s telly glamour, and an opportunity to change her look for each programme appearance.

‘I have devised an incredibly healthy living regime which can fix most side effects, but the one thing which remains out of my control is my hair. There are times I have felt very down about it, but this year I have decided to adopt the Joan Collins approach to looks and glamour and it seems to be working. My one tip is to avoid cheap fashion wigs as they are too hot and itchy to wear for long. Buy the best you can afford.and expect it to look horrendous until you have got a stylist to style it for you to frame your face.’

Of course for those who prefer to look fabulous 24/7, including in bed, with the aid of a real hair replacement solution there is always Aspiration Hair. Sally, we salute you for sharing your hair woes, but wigs are so yesterday. Come and see us to explore what the 21st century has to offer!