Hair Transplants – Pros and Cons

We were amused to note that Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant now has its own fanclub blog plotting its progress and monitoring whether it is fully taking or a further transplant will be needed.

Hair transplants are back in the news lately as it emerges that Dancing on Ice’s Kyran Bracken still needs spray-on microfibres to hide the gaps after spending £30,000 on hair transplant surgery.

While we fully understand the psychological desire to feel hair growing out of your scalp again, it does seem like an enormous gamble to spend £30,000 on the latest hair transplant technology with no guarantee of success in terms of getting the results you really want.

Perhaps the hair will not be as thick as you would like, perhaps the hair will not take, perhaps the hair will carry on receding around the transplanted area necessitating further £30,000 procedures. Risks you may be willing to take perhaps if you are rich or a celebrity to whom money is no object, but what if you are not?

Even with all the money in the world some men’s scalps will not prove suitable in terms of possessing thick enough side and back hair to harvest from. This also means hair transplantation will nearly always be a technique unsuited to women as women’s hair thinning tends to happen all over, rather than just the front, temples or crown, which in turn makes hair transplantation very challenging if the whole scalp needs transplantation, aside from the issue of harvest sites.

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