Hair Transplant Donors?

When a certain British MP of lustrous locks was found dead some years ago in somewhat scandalous and apparently self-inflicted circumstances, a young bald comedian at the comedy club I attended that night rather insensitively joked that his first thought on hearing the news was; ‘What a waste of a great head of hair!’

Which begs the question can hair be transplanted from donors (either dead or alive?)

The simple answer is no. It would be rejected as a ‘foreign body’ by the scalp without a complex regime of anti-rejection drugs, which carry their own health risks and can also cause the side-effect of hair loss, which would rather defeat the purpose! In short, the medical risks would not be justified for a non-lifesaving procedure.

That said, a few inter-transplantation experiments have been conducted between volunteers over the years but without success.

Autotransplantation therefore remains the only transplantation option, but even here, results acceptable to the client, or which last, cannot be guaranteed.