Hair, Power and Donald Trump

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There has been much speculation that Donald Trump wears a bad wig or toupee. However it is clearly toooo bad to possibly be even the cheapest back-of-a-magazine $20 wig or toupee and is, in reality, a bad comb over which no one presumably dares tell this high and mighty man looks utterly ridiculous, even though he must read the media as part of his presidential campaign, who have no hesitation in slating it across the world. Nor do the rather odd red and caramel tones he attempts to colour it whilst woefully failing to blend in his sideburns and under hair, help his credibility.

In a sense Donald is on to something. Bad hair is still better than no hair as far as the American people are concerned. It is now 60 years since a bald president (Dwight Eisenhower) last held office and there have only been five bald presidents since the American presidency began. People trust hair it seems, no matter that there is no logical (or indeed scientific) reason to believe that someone with hair will prove any better or more moral a leader than someone without. In fact Americans could take the view that a president without hair might be less egocentric or narcissistic and have more time to rule the country wisely rather than admire himself in the mirror.

No one has got to the root of this hair prejudice in a leader, which extends to the UK if you count the number of bald Prime Ministers we have had since Winston Churchill.

Rightly or wrongly, those who want to succeed in politics need good hair, or at least sufficient hair to create a realistic illusion of full coverage.

But why, oh why, with all his millions, does Donald Trump not invest in a proper hair replacement solution? Had he done so early enough in his career, no one would have ever known that he suffered from hair loss, let alone would he have exposed himself to such ridicule with his homespun efforts to hide it.

So rising politicians with receding hair, why make the Donald Trump mistake when you could visit Aspiration Hair for a full head of natural locks which won’t let you down under the closest media scrutiny in a sweaty press conference room or while out campaigning on a windy day?

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