Hair Loss Testimonials by Men

Our clients love us, and we love our clients. Don’t suffer any longer, let Aspiration give you your confidence and life back!

These are just a few comments from our male clients, taken from the book of testimonials placed in our main salon reception (London Bridge).

“I would like to say this system is the best thing I could have had. It is undetectable in that after four months, my girlfriend actually thinks I’ve had a transplant, as it looks that natural. Since having this done I have never looked back. Forget the cosmetic surgery side of hair replacement…this is the best you can get I can honestly say 100%.”

“I am extremely happy with my system and I am very glad that after several months of research into this area and with the chemical surgical alternatives, I decided to go with an Aspiration Hair System. It looks fantastic and is virtually undetectable. I’ve lost count of the times people have commented how good it is. That is, if they have noticed at all! The service I have received from Andy and the rest of the team has been stellar, highly professional, yet also very friendly and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
P.T., London

“Apart from Andy and his team being extremely friendly and professional, the best testimonial is the fact that no one can tell I am wearing a system.”

“This is the best life changing thing I have ever done. The first day is a bit hard to take, but now nobody says a word. It is so life like that people can’t believe it! It gets easier and
easier to look after. I wish I had done this five years ago. Any questions, call me:”
Chris C

“I have had a generally good to fantastic experience with my system. When I came to you, I was highly depressed about hair loss and how unattractive I felt. Now my system has increased my confidence no end in all aspects of my life and with new fronts every 6 months, with a bit of effort every morning, I can keep my hairline very believable and funkily styled. My thanks to the Aspiration Hair Team for making this possible.”
David X

“Hi, First of all I would like to say thanks to you all at Aspiration for completely turning my life around. It has been the best decision of my life. I have had the sytem for about 3 weeks now and at first I was extremely nervous, paraniod and anxious however now I have full confidence in the system, it’s just fantastic, nobody can tell. Even people who have not seen me in a couple of years just think my hair has thickened.

The people I know just gaze at it and just can’t comprehend how it is not my own hair. I look great and feel great! Thanks for everything.”
Best wishes Yunesh.

“My hair system survived “Space Mountain” roller coaster at Disneyland Paris… it did not move an inch! Sure there will be plenty more tests it will survive… skiing in the Alps next.”

“After having radiotherapy I was left with an odd shaped bald patch and never left the house without a hat on. Now thanks to your hair system I never wear a hat, no need to- it looks so natural. A big thanks to all at Aspiration ”

“As you can tell it’s like a disease growing inside of you that just takes a bit out of you every day. We wanna hide from the world. 6 years on and I can finally say it’s like a re-birth I always wanted, but did not know how it was going to happen. Well, it has happened and my joy cannot be described in words. Thank you to everyone involved. It means everything!!”
Richard A.

“Having had a poor result in the past from a different company, I was initially sceptical that a natural looking head of hair could be achieved. Andrew was very helpful and supportive in getting the look I wanted and I am delighted by the results. As I am a performer in Music and Stage work, having the option of looking better is important and I am pleased to have found Aspiration.”

“Dear Andy: Just a short note to say thank you for in many ways “giving me my life back to me”. Since the age of 25, I lost all of the things youth had to offer- including self esteem, sense of adventure, confidence, and personal sense of style. But, after coming to you last year I got it all back! My life began again at age 40! Thanks for changing my life- giving back to me things that are priceless. Only regret- not doing this 10 years ago!”

“As a young man (21 years old) I found going bald extremely hard- no joke. Although I didn’t lack self esteem, I just didn’t like that I stood out from my peers. However, with this hair replacement system these worries are no more. The system is so realistic I feel as if it is my own hair, the staff are amazing and really care! Don’t suffer in silence, it is a bold step however but is the best step on your life. Thank you. Best Wishes.”
Tunesh T

“I’ve been wearing hair systems for 10 years! I’ve done it all from Hair Club to other names. The system here is great! I love the hairline, I now have one! Take care of it… the system is Great! And very natural… previous systems seemed heavy and like I was wearing a hat! This (Aspiration) hair system keeps me very cool and feels so light. The hair has stayed soft and manageable. I have found the staff happy to answer my questions. To say it best I’m very happy with my hair!”

“First of all, thank you so very much for everything. Your hair system is fantastic and looks so real. Just like real/natural hair. It’s like a dream come true. I’d especially like to thank Andrew for being so kind and patient with me. All who I dealt with were excellent not forgetting to mention the hair dresser/stylist. Once again, I’d like to thank all at Aspiration and must say you’ve won over another satisfied client. Shall recommend you to many. Thank you.”
J.D L.

“I have been in for a number of hair units from other companies over the years and I wholeheartedly can say that you provide the MOST superior and believable in the market. Best product, the greatest stylists… What else do you need!”

“Thank you for inventing this marvellous, life-saving hair system! Ever since I started to lose my hair in my early twenties I’ve been extremely paranoid at showing any asign of hair loss and baldness, and have gone to great lengths to always show some coverage on top. But, looking back now I see it was a bit disastrous. Two hair transplant operations and massive amounts of topic firbres just about got me through until I discovered your hair system. I now have a full head of real hair, I’m not at all worried about anyone noticing because it is Undetectable, and to top it all off my paranoia is gone!!! My hair system is keeping me mentally sane!!! A special thank you to the staff, all so-easy-going and positive. Keep up the good work and stick around!”
Charles M

“Having done hair replacement gave me alot of confidence in my life. I still remember my first day visit to your London bridge office and meeting with Andrew. He was very supportive and gave me confidence for this fantastic change. Now I feel myself a different person. It boosts my confidence level in society. All of the staff are friendly and nice which makes me feel comfortable. Thank you for everything.”
Murkesh M

“I have been with a competitor for many years, thank goodness I have found Aspiration , I was so impressed with your Hair system. I couldn’t wait to show how good it was at my old hair studio (Advanced) whose manager admitted he was very impressed. Thank you Andy and all of the staff. Keep up the good work.”

“As you can tell it’s like a disease growing inside of you that just takes a bit out of you every day. We wanna hide from the world. 6 years on and I can finally say it’s like a re-birth I always wanted, but did not know how it was going to happen. Well, it has happened and my joy cannot be described in words. Thank you to everyone involved. It means everything!!”
Richard A

“My hair replacement has far exceeded my expectations. There are no false promises and I have the natural looking head of hair I was promised at my initial consultation. Those I have told about my hair replacement are amazed and those I haven’t just don’t realise. In my opinion, I don’t think it gets better than this and I look years younger in the bargain! Thank you Aspiration .”

“I feel very happy since I have come to Aspiration Hair. I was with another hair system and I wasn’t comfortable with their hair system and service. The hair quality is very good and it has boosted my confidence. The people are very friendly and I will stay with you for the long term. After a long search I have found a very good quality hair system. My best wishes for the company and the team. Thank You.”
Kaiser A

“Thank you So Much. You have changed my life. All of the staff have been nice and helpful in every way. Stylists have given me an amazing new look. I will be forever grateful for your great work! Thank you All.”
L. W.

“Thank you so much. You have made me feel normal and beautiful. I have tried other treatments, etc. and nothing compares to this. The Aspiration hair system is most definitely the sports model/Rolls Royce of hair. Thanks.”
Eddie (Belfast)

“Many thanks to everybody, especially Elisha the stylist who was a brilliant help- I am not sure I could have done this without her. This is the first time I have had a hair style in my life, even when I had my own hair.”
Rick E

“I came for hair and left with a life!!! Aspiration gave me another shot at life.
Stevie P.

“Before I found you, my hair loss had taken place over many years and had affected my confidence greatly. My first experience with hair replacement left my confidence even worse and my faith in the industry shattered. Quite simply, I was left looking worse than before I had started. Following my first experience, and determined not to put myself through the same thing again, I spent many months researching the whole industry and by chance found you. The praise that this one product seemed to continually be getting as the leader in hair replacement appeared to set it way ahead of the competition.”

These are just a few comments from our clients, taken from the book of testimonials placed in our salon reception. Come and book a free consultation to see even more!