Hair Loss Does not Have To Mean Life loss

As someone who started losing hair at 22, I can tell you that hair loss is not funny. In fact, it is quite shocking and even painful. My hair loss was typical male pattern baldness—the centre of my head quickly started to thin out, then the back and crown. Soon, what I simply ignored became a hair loss nightmare. My confidence, self pride, energy and finally youth vanished—to be kept at bay every time I looked in the mirror and saw myself constantly losing hair. It did not stop or get better with potions, my hair loss just got worse. After 10 years, a lot of comb-overs, and finally caps, I realised things could not get worse—I had to do something as my life was literally going by me. Hair loss had made me a prisoner, afraid to go out, date (even ask a woman out), or live. Life was passing me by thanks to losing my hair! After some research, I saw Aspiration hair replacement and could not believe what I saw… people with my hair loss problem (even worse) were back in life with… HAIR!

But, was it just good photos that we see in all hair loss ads, or was this true? The hair loss and hair replacement industry has a snake oil reputation of Mom and Pop shops that are here today and packed up tomorrow. But, Aspiration looked so different: they developed their own hair replacement technology and their products were backed by a guarantee. So, I decided to give them a call—it was time to deal with my hair loss NOW. I am so glad I did, as my life would never have gotten back on track (my hair loss would have won out). I asked a lot of questions, had them send me a hair loss and hair replacement brochure ASAP, then spent a few days reading it and knowing this was my solution—the technology was available to solve hair loss for me, it was amazing. I had to come and see this.

Within 1 week, I had a free consultation, met an adviser, and saw with my own 2 eyes the hair loss and hair replacement products Aspiration offered with their Aspiration hair systems. I realised this was my ticket to getting my life back. Hair loss would be a thing of the past with no more power over me. I went for it.

My hair was designed with my own designer to be exactly what I used to have, but I modified it slightly to how I wanted my hair to be: I improved on nature making it a little more wavy and thicker. The Aspiration Front hairline simply is striking, and LOOKS EXACTLY like a natural front hairline (hair growing out of the scalp!!!). I have no clue how, I know it took years to develop. You can gel it back, comb it any style, mousse it, re-comb it anytime and as often as desired—just like my own hair. Memories came back of what my life was like before my hair loss started, of what it feels like to have your hair tickle your forehead or blow about in the wind.

Well, it has been 8 months and my hair loss is long gone. Truly, I feel empowered in my life. I no longer let hair loss make me a prisoner of my home—I am outgoing, confident, speak-up more at work, and am a go-getter again. I am so `over the moon` about my thick, gorgeous hair. I go to the gym, and play footie (all afternoon on the weekends). Hair loss definitely does not mean life loss.

Thank you Aspiration hair!

Gavin M