Hair Loss Apps

Hair Loss Checker

Worried about hair loss? Surprise surprise, there are now a number of ‘hair loss’ apps out there for your smart phone to help you predict your likelihood of suffering from it, help you source the latest medical and technological advances or even offer you a smorgasbord of homespun remedies. Some even contain a hair loss diary for you to keep up and a counselling function!

Bear in mind however that no app can take the place of first a doctor’s consultation, to ensure there is no undiagnosed illness or deficiency which might be responsible, and then a hair loss expert or trichologist who can do an in-depth analysis of your type and rate of hair loss and make appropriate treatment recommendations. Trichologists are particularly good at diagnosing and treating any scalp conditions which need to be treated to encourage hair to re-grow.

You might then knock on Aspiration Hair‘s door to try laser helmet therapy, discuss the possibility of transplants using the latest FUE techniques, or explore the many undetectable cosmetic solutions we offer giving you a gorgeous, natural-looking, liveable, breathable alternative to allowing your confidence to be dented by hair loss.

I have yet to find a 5-star rated hair loss app however, so presumably they don’t really help.

Rather ironically a number of young women with long hair are returning their new iPhone 6 to the sellers on the grounds ‘it causes hair loss’. Happily this is not down to some follicle frying technicality but the more design lapse of a gap between the phone and casing which snaps at long hair when put to the ear.