Hair Loss and Weight Loss

It is not just those suffering from Anorexia or other eating disorders who risk thinning locks owing to malnutrition or vitamin deficiency, triggering the body to start shutting down its non-essential functions in the name of self-preservation. Yo-yo dieting, crash dieting or sudden weight loss can also result in hair loss. This is because our hair NEEDS fat. Or to be specific it needs Omega 3. Hair also needs sufficient protein, Vitamins B1 and B3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Biotin, Iron, Folic Acid and Lysine Amino Acid to promote and support healthy hair growth. In fact it needs everything that only a healthy balanced diet can provide. When the body is out of balance it shows us. It throws a tantrum if we treat it badly. Which isn’t always hair loss, it can be other equally undesirable symptoms, but why take any risks with hair loss incurred in this way when there are more sensible and sustainable ways to lose weight? Besides which, nearly every extreme dieter promptly puts it all back on and then some as the body needs to make up for being deprived and so creates an even more voracious hunger to protect itself against future starvation.

Sudden weight loss aside, de-toxing can be as harmful to the body as too much toxing as it is also putting the body through extremes and placing undue strain and stress on every cell.

And while up to 80% of hair loss will unfortunately prove to be genetic, despite our best efforts at a healthy-living regime, it is still important to be aware of the dietry risks and do our best to support whatever natural hair we have. The other pay-off is that the rest of the body will benefit as well. If I had a pound for every senior citizen I’ve ever heard utter the words; ‘ If only I’d known how long I was going to live, I’d have taken better care of myself…’ I’d be quite well off by now!

Luckily we at Aspiration don’t have to rely wholly on nutritional means of having great hair. And nor do you. If mother nature has been cruel, let us be kind and restore your faith in human nature as well as your appearance.