The below are testimonials from our greatest asset: our clients. Their deeply personal journeys from hair loss to regaining their hair with Aspiration is forever penned in the messages you will read below.

All testimonials are individually written in our permanent diary in our offices by clients, and have not been added to or retouched in any way to keep their messages and feelings true. As much as speaking about our amazing products, they also speak about what we as a company are about… an Aspirational friend.

“I was sceptical as I have been using hair extensions for years and they all seem the same. THEY ARE NOT! Aspiration’s hair extensions are what you say: gorgeous, super-high quality, and they do not pull my hair out! Thanks Aspiration!”
Ellie C.

“Beautiful, silky, blend perfectly and I can use tongs on them! Thank you very much!”

“No hair coming out just blows me away. I developed a bald patch from years of using glue based extensions that have really taken their toll. I have had my Aspiration hair extensions for 4 months now and not a single hair pulled out, and no messy glues. They just slide out for maintenance. Great!!!”

“I love the fact they are super long, yet stay silky and flow so well and mix with my own hair perfectly. I have told about 10 friends who say the same. And no glue guns and heat are used makes them even better and so less messy. Client for life.”
Monica K.

These are just a few comments from our clients, taken from the book of testimonials placed in our salon reception. Come and book a free consultation to see even more!