Hair – Don’t Lose Your Shirt!

Perhaps he didn’t listen to jokey advice to quit heading the ball, but either way poor Wayne Rooney (receding since the age of ten if family photograph albums are anything to go by) looks like he may have wasted his ¬£30,000 transplant investment with recent photographs revealing his newly-embedded locks to be far from thriving.

Undeterred though, another famous footballer Michael Gray has just followed in Wayne’s footsteps, this time allowing the procedure to be filmed live, in the hope of encouraging fellow hair loss sufferers to tackle their hair loss head on.

Whether permanent hair re-growth is achieved in Michael’s case or not, neither of these wealthy men are likely to lose their shirt over it, and they are indeed helping make the procedure cheaper in future the more popular they make it.

We just hope those performing these procedures are being entirely honest about the success rates and risks of failure, because plenty of hair loss sufferers can’t afford to risk failure having taken out large loans to undergo treatment.

But even if you have been unfortunate enough to experience a hair transplant failure, there is no need to resign yourself to a barnet-bereft future. Just come and talk to Aspiration and you can still wave hello to new waves, and less painfully to your cheque book as well as your scalp.