Hair Art

Tattoos are all the rage these days. Personally I am thinking of getting one done of an all-over tan!

Meanwhile tattooed hair continues to have mixed (if not patchy) results. The few brave full-head of skin scalps I’ve seen only work as long as you remain a good twenty feet away and it’s not broad daylight. Or they’re being ironic or making a deliberate statement about their image. I firmly believe the one pictured is going to fool no one, though it may have been half-convincing had the tattooist not decided to go overboard with the ink! Apparently tattoo techniques are improving all the time to mimic the the textured look of shorn hairs breaking through follicles.

Here at Aspiration, we prefer hair you can run your fingers through, though we offer permanent make up options to supplement our real hair solutions as a hair loss sufferer who has also lost eyebrows and eyelashes wants to be able to dispense with the long make-up routine as much as they want to be able to dispense with wigs and scarves, and this is where cosmetic tattooing can come into its own, with only small areas to cover, and being as many women pencil their brows in any case, so the perfect arch can garner much admiration.