Gene Genies for Hair!

grey haired man

It’s easy to forget the trauma of going grey. To most hair loss sufferers, any colour of hair is preferable to hair loss. Hair is what we want.  However good news for grey hair sufferers could well be good news for us.

Three exciting genes have been discovered by an international team of scientists who studied the genes of 6000 men and women, led by researchers from University College, London. The sample group came from Latin America, chosen for its diverse racial blend of genes and characteristics.

IRF4 – the gene that makes hair go grey – involved in the production of melanin,the pigment that gives hair its colour

GRID1 – linked to baldness, although other genes are also said to play a part.

FOX12 – determines how bushy men’s eyebrows grow, also connected to PAX3, the suspected cause of monobrows.

The ironically named Professor David Balding now plans to investigate the genes responsible for curly hair, straight hair and differing hair textures.

This research into hair genes could potentially lead to all kinds of exciting developments from regaining lost hair to making curly hair straight or straight hair curly as well as reversing grey via the use of pills, potions and special hair products. And presumably gene therapy.

Personally I have (accidentally discovered) that daily B12 supplements have restored my original hair colour (which was fading fast), just not my original hair density. Luckily I have Aspiration Hair for this.