First Dates – Alopecia Sufferer Reveals All!

Eve Betts

Last night Welsh 22-year old Eva Betts wowed viewers on Channel 4’s First Dates when she took her wig off in front of her date Jordan (also from Wales) to reveal she suffered from Alopecia, apparently the first time she had ever done so on a date, though presciently, Jordan had said in his solo interview to camera that he didn’t mind if a girl ‘had a bald head’ as long as the energy and the personality was there! It was almost inevitable that the programme then made him walk his talk!

A few minutes later Eva visited the Ladies to put her wig back on again but thought better of it, emerging to return to the table minus hair.

Then came the touching moment when Jordan told her she was ‘just as beautiful’ without hair. Thousands of viewers took to social media to say how touched they were by this couple.

A lot of people were clearly rooting for them to get together.

Sadly it was not to be with Eva summing up the date by saying he was probably ‘too nice’. Perhaps it was her polite way of saying the chemistry just wasn’t there for her. We certainly hope it was not because she considers that she only deserves men who treat her badly because of her hair loss, the type she’d previously been unlucky enough to attract.

Despite her lack of natural hair and eyebrows, Eva remains a stunning girl with a peachy complexion and a stunning smile. And she must have a certain confidence about her, despite the Alopecia she has suffered since the age of three, and having survived much bullying as a child, as she sports a triumphant scalp tattoo of a flower above her right ear.

But is it a good idea to reveal such an intimate secret on a first date? Personally I would wait a few dates before deciding as I think it’s a mistake to reveal one’s issues before getting to know each other and establish if there’s a bond there. Some people might consider that dishonest in this day and age of self-revelation, but I take the view it’s harder to reject someone for trivial reasons once you’ve seen their depths and started to form a bond with them and you don’t get to do that on a first date. There’s almost an unwritten law that first dates should be fairly light and fluffy, just to establish attraction and interest, and whether you both want to explore further via a second and third date.  Plus if you are wearing a system (possessing a much more natural-looking hairline than Eva’s wig), you really don’t need to tell anyone. If you are a girl you can pass it off as ‘hair extensions’ and truly regard it as your private business. But then I’m not as stunning as Eva! Nor am I a television producer being asked to push the entertainment boundaries.