Female Newsreaders Accused of ‘All Having Same Hair Do’

victoria-derbyshire victoria-derbyshire-hair-style

Never mind being caught in the same frock, newsreader Victoria Derbyshire recently revealed that you can even get trolled for having similar hair to your newsreader colleagues when she shared a bizarre letter from a (presumably) female viewer who accused her and her contemporaries of having long lank hair and looking like they had ‘all been cloned’, even threatening to stop watching the news, along with other viewers (her cat?), if she didn’t ‘sort it out’!

It is ironic that the anonymous viewer chose to attack Victoria as she is a cancer sufferer who relies on a high class hairpiece to look good on TV.

Viewers rushed to the presenter’s defence.¬†Quipped one in a jokey response to the complainant: ‘Your pain is palpable. It must be terrible to sit about in your regret-stained pyjamas watching daytime television when everyone (especially the ladies) has the same lank hair.’

However the complainant was right about one thing. The half/Aniston, half-bob is a popular style for female presenters, probably because it’s easy to wash and wear and gives added youthful bounce to the over forty female, whether naturally growing or a hair replacement product.

As for Victoria, she ‘s still enjoying good rankings on Sexiest Presenters on Television and Radio blog despite her cancer battle, so take that Mr/Ms Troll!