Eyebrow Transplants and Permanent Make-up

In Regency times aged duchesses would distinguish themselves at dances by the strips of mouse-skin they used in lieu of whispy or non-existent eyebrows to give the appearance of youth, which began to fall off, forming little furry ‘caterpillers’ over their eyes as the Ball wore on and the heat of the candle-filled ballroom melted the animal glue holding them on. Today women lose eyebrows for all kinds of reasons from youthful overplucking to cancer treatment, Alopecia and trichotillomania, to name a few. I was unwise enough to overpluck mine as a teenager (and even shave them off in a fit of fashion victim madness). Luckily for me, mine grew back as it was a short-lived phase I went through, just in time for fashion to go full-brow again. However if they hadn’t grown back and I had doomed myself to a lifetime of eyebrow pencils and looking surprised, the solutions for eyebrow absences have come a long way since the smudgy eyebrow pencil.

While roundly ridiculed by our press four years ago when they first came to the UK. eyebrow transplants, which were first developed in the US as an appearance restorative for burns victims and cancer sufferers, have taken off and are providing many with good results, with a chance they may well overtake the permenant tattoo as the cosmetic solution of choice if costs come down (currently around £3,500 for full eyebrow recreation/transplantation v the cost of tattooed eyebrows at around £500, though it is recommended that clients seek out a specialist in permenant make-up and not an everyday tattooist.) Akin to hair transplants, hair is harvested from the back of the clients’ head and implanted along the browline, only strand by strand rather than as a follicular unit, to enhance natural appearance. No doubt eyelash transplants (already being performed in the States with promising results) will be next to cross the pond.

While Aspiration has no current plans to branch into eyebrow transplants, for those on a more modest budget, we have an excellent in-house permenant make-up practitioner, so please contact us for further details or a free no-obligation consultation here.