Extra! Extra! Read All About It! New Aspiration Newsletter Launches

Now while we love happy clients here at Aspiration, it dawned on us a while ago that once you have sought Aspiration out and had your lives transformed, many of you will be so happy and relieved you never think to visit our website again, having feverishly read every word and watched every clip when you first discovered us!

We thought this was such a shame, not least as you all have your own bespoke personal hair care regimes, which means that not all clients visit our salons regularly, we’d start a newsletter to make sure we keep you up to date with all our exciting developments. Not too often. Maybe just once a month. Or whenever there’s any news. You can of course hit ‘Unsubscribe’ but then you might miss out on our special offers as well!

Did you know for example that we have recently opened a new Aspiration salon in Preston?

That we can offer the latest FDA-approved laser helmet treatments in our London salon?

That we are about to launch our new online shop stocked with exclusive Aspiration hair care products designed and formulated especially for us by one of the most respected pharmaceutical manufacturers in the US and containing everything we know about hair and scalp care?

Finally we love receiving your feedback and it helps us in our ongoing drive to make you even happier with our products and services so please email us with your testimonials or sign the book at your next salon appointment if you have not already. Internet reviews are also welcome, though in the unlikely event you have experienced a problem with either an Aspiration product or salon, we would appreciate being given the opportunity to rectify the problem first before the experience is posted on the internet as that is only fair. And fair is very much at the heart of everything we stand for.

Thanks for reading

Until next time…