Extensions Are Not Just For A-listers!

Not all our clients come to us to solve hair loss problems.

An increasing number are now beating a path to our door for our industry-leading MicroTouch hair extensions.

These clients often just wish to boost their natural volume or add length and glamour, occasionally even highlights, to their hair.

No longer are they constrained to the ranks of A-listers or models either. Many are now ordinary women who just seek more democracy in the great hair stakes!

Traditionally hair extensions have received a mixed press owing to their association with matting due to the glue used and traction pulling of natural hair to the extent of ‘traction baldness’ on certain areas of the scalp as a result of either glue or primitive bonding methods (although in the case of 80s pop duo Mel and Kim, it was their disastrous flirtation with early hair extensions which led them to jam on some pork pie hats to conceal their glue-filled hair, thereby sealing their iconic image!)

But I digress. To get back to the present day, in addition to risking the health of their natural hair, clients often have to throw away their extensions after six months as they have become matted beyond re-use when it comes to re-attaching them and replacements are needed. This becomes ruinously expensive after a time, and combined with the high risks and often questionable results obtained, the traditional hair extension process can easily become one of diminishing returns.

Those in the know abandon salons still using such outmoded techniques and come to Aspiration where they know that they will be receiving the highest quality, low-maintenance, cashmere-touch hair extensions tailored exactly to their requirements and attached to their natural hair without the use of glues, chemicals or heat guns, employing Aspiration’s unique micro-ellipses technology. As with any hair extensions they will require re-adjustment at regular intervals to accommodate the hair growth of your natural hair. Unlike other hair extensions they can be recycled and re-attached harmlessly but securely to your natural hair until such time as re-adjustment is required. A few of our clients have even made the same extensions last up to eighteen months!

And if your natural hair should prove too fine or brittle, perhaps through over-processing, to sustain the weight of hair extensions, unlike the majority of other salons, Aspiration will be honest enough to tell you if we do not think it is a good idea to proceed and advise you to postpone any extensions work until such time as the quality of your original hair can be improved and strengthened, which our specialist consultants can also assist you with. Or even in a small number of cases, if your hair type is wholly unsuitable to consider extensions, we will be honest about that as well. But caring and helpful too. And backed by a free 6-month guarantee if you are a suitable candidate for hair extensions.

Aspiration. Because great hair should be a human right…