Experienced Hair Replacement and Wig Users

Wigs, Toupees, and Bad Hair Transplants NO More… Move UP to an Aspiration Hair System!

For those experienced with hair loss and hair replacement including hair systems or wigs you are probably aware of the processes involved. Attachment is via either glues or tapes which allow the system to stay in place for about 3-5 weeks depending upon type of skin (oily or dry), level of physical activity (sweat level), amount of showering, swimming, etc.

As a hair loss product, wigs tend to be much less stable than hair systems, which is why they are really a thing of the past as far as a good option for hair loss and/or hair replacement. Wigs can blow off easily, whereas our Aspiration Hair System will stay in place even in the most strenuous situations (cycling, on a motorbike, in a convertible car, etc.). Wigs are very hot, and don’t breathe, whereas Aspiration Hair systems breathe just like your skin allowing for natural sweating, cooling, cleansing, and oxygenation of the scalp. Thanks to years of innovation and technology investment, hair loss and hair replacement will never be the same again—and those suffering any type of hair loss have more hope than ever.

The Aspiration Hair™ system (pictured) is unlike any other: empowering you with the unique ability to go anywhere and do anything whilst having a fully natural frontal hairline—so you can comb your hair back and expose even the most intimate aspects of your front hairline. Wigs and toupees, on the other hand, never have and never will allow the front hairline to be exposed giving them and their wearers “permanent fringes.” Not a nice way to go through life.

Wig or system users will literally “trade-up” to the highest-level hair replacement product in the world when they change to an Aspiration Hair System™.

Move beyond your old hair system or wig and let us empower you to make all of your hair loss problems things of the past! Aspiration Hair’s amazing products and philosophy are guaranteed to be the best in the hair loss and hair replacement industry, anywhere—changing your life for the better. Guaranteed!