Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Scalp exfoliant products are nothing new. But the claims that they can slow down and even reverse hair loss are relatively recent, typically following a tweak in the recipe to add caffeine or other natural ‘follicle stimulants’.

The claims are based on the theory that most of us are clogging our follicles with a build-up of hair products and processes and therefore need a regular abrasive to remove this build up and let our follicles ‘breathe’ and produce hair again.

But are they really worth risking what fragile hair you might have left with? And if you had such an unhealthy build-up of hair products, wouldn’t you notice it in dandruff or lank greasy locks first?

Well judging from all the independent customer reviews, results are as patchy as the areas they seek to treat, with many of the good reviews being won purely on ‘my scalp felt wonderfully clean afterwards’ rather than any comment as to its actual effect on hair growth, though a few claim that they noticed improved growth in the weeks after.

However is using an exfoliant any better than switching to PH-balanced hair products or adopting a sodium-chloride-free regime if using the wrong products or harmful products was the problem? The jury is most definitely still out…

Most of us know in our heart of hearts that we haven’t treated or abused our hair any worse than those who have been lucky with their hair, after all.