Even the Hair Professionals Cannot Tell!

During the hinterland twixt Christmas and New Year I was strolling through the streets of Soho one fresh morning when I was accosted by a hairdresser who stopped me to ask if I would consider being a hair model for his salon! Naturally I was not just flattered but deliciously amazed that a top hairdresser could not tell that my lustrous locks had added Aspiration! This was not the first time this had happened either, but the second, albeit different high class salons in different cities. The previous stylist had even run along the street after me when I did not hear his request the first time.

A fellow Aspiration client tells a similarly uplifting Christmas story;

It was a busy December weekday afternoon in the city of London and I was trying to flag down a cab before the heavens opened, not what you want when wearing open-toed stilettos.

Just as I lifted my hand I noticed that I had successfully already hailed a cab and literally threw myself in. Well to be more precise, fell in, probably on account of the high heels.

As soon as I had sorted myself out and shut the door, the cab drivers’ first words to me were; ‘Wow, your hair is gorgeous. It is amazing!’

I was a little taken aback as I had not expected this at all so I replied in a meek, childlike way; ‘Thank you’.

The cabbie and I talked non-stop for the 15 minute journey to my destination. He explained that he was an ex-hairdresser of 20+ years and that he was on a private job but had stopped to admire my beautiful hair.

His comments only re-affirmed how natural and beautiful the Aspiration hair systems really are and how natural they look. the cab driver was an ex-hairdresser after all.

Maybe I should have told him it was a system and watched his reaction then. I guess we’ll never know…

Like my fellow Aspiration client, I didn’t give any secrets away to the two stylists who wanted me to model for them either, but simply told them; ‘Thanks, but I’m happy with the stylist I have’. Not a word of a lie!