Effectively dealing with a tough market… Looking your best has never been more important:

Lately, the news seems to be mostly about economic hardship, markets collapsing, home foreclosures, and companies downsizing (job losses). No doubt, in the midst of all the gloom and doom talk, one can feel both nervous and powerless—especially regarding their job. The thing to realise is that job-loss is a fact of life; but, there are things you can do about it. Many career experts, in fact, believe that times of economic downturn really are times of opportunity for those who know how to take advantage of them. “It can be a great chance to progress as many people near retirement simply ‘get out’ instead of get laid off, so senior jobs actually open up,” says Joanna Pollson. One of the most vital things in taking advantage of career-progression or change is appearance. “You have to look your best these days, and hair is no doubt the single most important feature. It says who you are, like Michael Douglas in the movie Walls Street or Piece Brosnan as Bond —your hair makes a powerful personal statement,” says Joanna.

Aspiration has developed the technology and products that can give a serious “hair advantage” to men and Women with hair loss, as well as those who want to professionally improve their hair in terms of thickness, quality, and overall health. “From total hair replacement, to those with minor hair loss, to women wanting the best hair extensions on the market, to those who want to seriously improve their existing hair quality, to men wanting to thicken their hair to look younger and stronger, Aspiration Hair provides a serious hair advantage to its customers either men or women,” says Director Andrew Pollard.