Don’t Risk Health Loss Through Hair Loss

Like any hair loss sufferer I keep up with the latest hair loss news and occasionally surf the self-help forums just to see what’s new in terms of a medical cure.

On the forums it is often shocking to see the lengths some hair loss sufferers go to get their hair back and I was horrified to read of the man who made himself so sick with his experiments in taking female hormones he could scarcely get out of bed to get to the bathroom!

Worse still, his hair was showing questionable signs of improvement, yet he told himself that was because he hadn’t given his self-imposed regime long enough!

Though possibly the other side-effects he faced paled in comparison with the fact he could have been risking his life.

Then I remembered the time I tried a liquid fertiliser meant for plant growth because it contained at least four ingredients recommended for hair growth in much greater concentration than those synthesised for human use at a fraction of the cost and someone on the internet had claimed it had worked for them.

Luckily my desperation was matched only by my cowardice to dare to experiment beyond a couple of occasions of queasiness and I poured the rest down the drain, lest I be tempted again.

Eventually I gave up on the self-experimentation of various vitamin concoction OD’s and decided that nothing short of a cosmetic solution was going to give me the results I wanted. After various research into various solutions and salons, I discovered Aspiration and can honestly say I have never looked back.

It’s easy to forget the desperation of those pre-Aspiration days, but truly, nothing is worth risking your health for. Try vitamin combos in moderation by all means, but never let desperation dictate. And never be unrealistic about the results you can expect even if a vitamin combo does seem to be helping because ‘helping’ is usually a far cry from restoring the luscious mane of hair that you truly seek.