Don’t Fry Your Hair!

Calling all females! Whether your hair is natural-grown or enhanced by extensions, systems or wigs – here’s a warning – don’t fry your hair!

It may seem obvious but it’s so easy to do without even realising it.

For a number of years I owned a pair of ceramic hair straighteners which I thought were fine because they were ceramic (and I always sprayed my hair with a protein protection spray first). In addition they had not been the cheapest when I bought them so I considered them reasonable quality.

The other week they finally gave up the ghost. I cursed the loss of my straighteners after so long and trotted to my local Boots to seek an emergency replacement. I was annoyed to find there was nothing ceramic around the £30 mark, considering that I was ‘just paying for the name’ above that price but eventually I was seduced into parting with £42 for a pair of half-price Babyliss, though how on earth they could originally be worth £84 was beyond me.

When I tried them out the following morning – revelation! No smell of smouldering hair on the lowest setting. Furthermore they were doing a much better job of straightening my hair and even keeping it detangled and shiny for the whole day. The ends of my hair did not look dry either.

I am converted. I have seen the light!

I already possessed a Vidal Sassoon hair dryer from a previous birthday and knew the importance of using it on a low setting to protect my hair (both natural and enhanced) but it never occurred to me that  good quality straighteners would make such a big difference too. I still have no idea how or why expensive straighteners can make such a difference. I just know now that they do!

So don’t make the same mistake I did. Buy the best hair straigtheners you can afford. Like me you might just find that they are miles better than your existing pair. Doubtless too, hair appliance technology has advanced since I bought my previous pair, some ten years ago.