Do Hairpieces Really Stay On? And How?

At Aspiration Hair we create systems which are completely different to ‘hair pieces’- our systems breathe, and stay on for up to one month so you can swim, run, shower, and sleep in them… or ride your motorbike! Hair pieces are a thing of the 1970’s resembling a cat resting on your head- our systems are completely undetectable, have a hairline that looks like it is growing out of your skin, and are as close as 2010 technology can get to your real hair! Really! To see a real life test (against powerful wind machine and rain) carried out by London’s ITV Morning Show on our homepage. You will be amazed.

Systems are adhered in several ways: the most common being surgical glue at the front and tape or glue on the perimeter. Our surgical glue is government approved, hypoallergenic (allergy-free), waterproof, breathes and will last between 2 weeks and one month depending on how oily your skin is. The glue slowly breaks down from your skin’s oils and sweat, so the more oily skin you have and the more you sweat will cause it to break down faster. Hence, an aerobics instructor who works out all day will maybe need it replaced every 2 weeks, whilst a person who runs every other day with dry skin may only need to come in once a month.