Do Hairbrushes Contribute to or Help Prevent Hair Loss?

Detangling Comb

Our grandmothers always told us to brush our hair a hundred strokes morning and night for healthy, shiny hair. This advice is not so popular any more though animal bristle brushes remain recommended owing to their genetic similarity to human hair.

Medical and hair expert opinion is deeply divided on subject of brushing as you will find if you do any amount of research.

One school of thought believes that certain brushing techniques and/or brushes can help aid scalp circulation and prevent hair loss.

The other says that thinning hair should be brushed as little as possible to reduce further damage.

A whole new generation of hair brushes have recently flooded the market to ‘combat hair loss’ or promote hair volume. Some even have red lights in purporting to be lasers to aid hair recovery, but be warned, most are not genuine hair therapy lasers and a red light alone is of no benefit other than helping you find your hairbrush under the bed!

In my own case I tried everything, scalp massage, various brushes, vitamins, changing my diet, hanging upside down and nothing helped my hair. In the end I found the most benefit was to be ‘gentle’ with my hair and try not to break it or pull it any more than necessary. To this end I found  the double-tooth de-tangling comb (pictured) a lifesaver. Not only did it gently detangle my hair without causing further breakage, I could also use it for gentle massage without worrying about my hair getting trapped in the brush. When I started using a system and having lots of hair again, I found the de-tangle comb no less valuable for combing, though I tend to start off with a ‘tangleteezer’, brush which is also a gentle and effective product.

I have indeed come to have a dislike of normal hair brushes and to see them as damaging to both my natural hair and my system.  But I suppose the sad truth is that if you have are going to suffer from hair loss, you can probably be as tough or as gentle as you like, brushing technique and brush type is not going to make any difference. Let Aspiration Hair know if you have found a miracle hair brush..