DNA Test to Predict Baldness – is it worth £200?

A new £200 DNA test is now available in UK to predict male baldness.

But whether it proves to be more reliable than looking around you and observing if your parents, grandparents and brothers have been affected and at what age (said to be an 85% accurate indicator) remains to be seen.

Either way it would be worth taking what preventative measures there are in the way of medically-approved treatments at the earliest possible stage, even though they offer no cast-iron guarantee of hair loss prevention and you are may still lose a certain proportion of hair.

The encouraging thing about this genetic test development is that perhaps we are that step closer to isolating the gene responsible for baldness, because many of us believe it is only in the isolation and manipulation of that gene that hope of a real future cure lies (albeit always 10 years away, it seems!)

Though we like to hope that ever more advanced genetic tests don’t begin to lead to abortions on the grounds that the child will suffer from hair loss problems in the future, rather than a cure for hair loss!

We at Aspiration don’t believe anyone’s about to put us out of a job on the hair loss fighting front just yet anyway, not least since we are developing the treatment side of our business as well in order to offer a holistic approach, from approved hair loss treatments to cosmetic hair replacement, depending on severity and type of hair loss.