Come and see Aspiration in London with Free transport!

Come and see us for FREE! Aspiration offers free transport* from anywhere mainland UK to come and see us in London Bridge, London!

(London, Jan. 2010). Demand for Aspiration’s products and services from across the UK have been so strong we are now offering to offset the transport costs involved in coming to Aspiration Hair Centre. “Whilst we are set to open more branches across the UK over the next 3-4 years, for those suffering from hair loss or simply wanting access to our products and services this is simply too long,” says co-founder Andrew Pollard. So, the best thing we could do was offer the cost of transport to come and see us. The programme works by having all of a client’s transport costs from their initial consultation, design, and fitting being deducted from a purchase price.* Hence, if transport costs are 175 pounds and a client purchases an Aspiration Hair system, then he entire 175 pounds will be taken off the hair system purchase price.

“Our products also have been designed to be managed from a distance. We have clients from Leeds, Nottingham and even Scotland who manage fine with only having to come and see us once every few months. They often use the visit as a mini-break “day in London” trip. It works really well.”

The programme also helps to ensure that customers across the UK have access to purchasing official Aspiration Hair Solutions products and not the substitutes starting to be seen across the UK. “Our products are industry-leading and backed by our Aspiration You Promiseā„¢ (the industry’s best warranty), so accept no copies or substitutes which sadly are starting to crop up. This programme means that wherever you are in the UK you can buy the real McKoy… which is Aspiration.”