Can the Law of Attraction Reverse Hair Loss?

law of attraction

Everyone who’s ever suffered from hair loss has wished and wished and wished for their hair to grow back. But were they missing something? A fascinating account from Jeannie J below.

“At 24 I had a baby and although I expected to shed some hair in the months afterwards, to my horror, I carried on losing my hair and it refused to grow back. Very soon it was noticeably thin with my scalp showing through my hair under the light. I was so upset and started to go out less and less. My physician had no clue and just kept telling me it would probably grow back one day.

My once crowning glory was now less than 50% of its original volume and was too weak to grow past shoulder level. I then suffered a devastating divorce which didn’t help my confidence or my hair. I experienced some unkind comments and struggled to drag myself into work most days and even to complete basic tasks at home. But for my young son’s sake, I had to carry on.

Last year when I turned 36, a friend gave me a copy of The Secret (the DVD about how to make the law of attraction work for you) and I decided to try the Law of Attraction to see if I could re-grow my hair.

Every day while getting ready for work in the morning I would make myself thankful for the hair that was left on my head. While I washed and conditioned it every morning I said the following:

“Thank you for my beautiful, thick, healthy hair. My hair grows strong and thick and shiny and smooth each day. It is completely healthy and I am so happy and grateful to have my beautiful hair again.”

I said this over and over again while washing my hair, blow-drying and then styling, and each night while brushing my hair before going to bed. I would then imagine my hair growing thicker and healthier again, the feel and the weight of it, just like it used to be and imagine feeling confident again.

Miraculously, my hair began to regrow. In six months, my hair has grown so much thicker and stronger. You no longer see my scalp through my hair and it is shiny and manageable.

Now I just say ‘thank you for my lovely hair’ several times a day.”

Jeanie J