Can Scalp Exercises Promote New Hair Growth?

Scalp muscles

I came across an interesting website by Tom Hagerty, an American man now in his early 70s who first noticed he was losing a lot of hair when a young man in the 1950s.

As a fit and sports-loving 19 year old who also weightlifted, he was alarmed by his hair loss, and when not dodging photographs or donning hats, he made a beeline for the medical section in his local library and undertook a study of Gray’s Anatomy for answers. There were no black and white answers as such but, from these volumes, he formulated a series of scalp exercises to stimulate his scalp and thus hair.

Tom’s dedication¬†eventually paid off and his hair loss reversed. Now in his eighth decade Tom continues to enjoy a better head of hair than most of his contemporaries, his hair loss limited to some age-related temple loss. He doesn’t promise that it works for everyone and commitment to a strict regime is involved but he offers audio-visual products to help people learn his techniques.

Tom H