Can Hair Kill?

The inquest this week of 26 year old office worker Frances Warren, who tragically hanged herself in woods, apparently because she was worried her hair was turning ‘ginger’, serves as a poignant reminder of what a sensitive subject hair can be.

While it seems likely there were underlying issues as well, I am sure those of us who have suffered hair loss can all identify with the desperation to try every cut and colour under the sun in a bid to restore our image and the feeling of upset and disappointment when this doesn’t work.

I wonder indeed if Ms Warren was actually suffering from hair loss, but convinced herself it was a problem with the colour. I suppose only her hairdresser can answer this question for sure, a poor lady who spent no less than three hours in her client’s home colouring her hair and then photographing her in every room to check its colour in different lights in response to a barrage of calls and text messages from a panic-stricken Ms Warren and went way beyond the call of duty, yet still faced criticism from certain sections of the media, as if she should have been a psychiatrist as well.

Last time I checked hairdressers did not have powers to section unhinged clients! We can only assume she would have done her best to calm Miss Warren and reassure her that she looked fine. She even offered a rinse which Ms Warren could wash out if she didn’t like it.

Female hair loss is known to cause suicidal thoughts in some women. If they are then put onto anti-depressants by their doctor, not only is one of the potential side effects hair loss, ironically, but even more ironically the first month of anti-depressant use can cause suicidal tendancies until the body grows used to them and they begin to work. Ms Warren had recently been prescribed anti-depressants.

Whatever the truth of Ms Warren’s case, we at Aspiration know that hair problems are not the end of the world and offer Hair for Life.