Can Dry Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo – the modern lifesaver of the lazy and the time-poor!

But is it worth it or are women in danger of cheating themselves?

An article in this week’s Daily Mail reports that regular use can cause dry scalp, dandruff, pimples and even cysts by cloggging up follicles and leading to hair loss.

Some women are apparently even using ‘dry shampoo’ as a substitute for washing their hair altogether (for which it was never intended) and taking  the ‘refresh your hair’ promise a little too literally!

In reality, at the very least, a regular user’s hair will begin to look ‘dusty’ and become harder to style after a week or two even if they escape a niffy smell and more serious consequences.

Inflammation however can double the speed of hair thinning so should be avoided at all costs.

So while no one is advocating the mass consumer abandonment of this product, perhaps it should be reserved for ’emergencies’ only. Those days when you’re late for work and have to take the cat to the vets and drop the kids off first before looking your best to deliver an important presentation.

Certainly dry shampoo should go in the bin the moment it begins causing any irritation and should also be reported to the manufacturer so they have a clear picture of how their product is performing and of any faults occurring with it that they need to investigate.

Unfortunately the very individuals with fine or thinning hair are the very indivudals most likely to use this product for daily volume, so there could well be an element of chicken and egg conundrum to this issue.

While they don’t save any time (or washing), fattening shampoos are probably your best first resort for fine or mildy thinning hair rather dry shampoo. But again, any product needs to be monitored for adverse effects, and should be swiftly changed if they arise.