Can Body Building Be Hair Weakening?

protein shakes

How can regular gym going possibly be bad for your hair? You’re pumping all that blood and oxygen around and consuming super amounts of protein (a key component of hair), often with extra protein shakes.You’re truly investing in yourself and your health and reinvigorating every part. Aren’t you?

The latest medical theory suggests otherwise. That body building could actually accelerate hair loss in those men predisposed to it, particularly if combined with protein shakes, (often loaded with growth hormones). The creatine and DHEA found in fitness protein shakes can raise testosterone levels, converting into Dihydrotesterone (DHT), which attacks hair follicles by blocking their nutrients.

But this doesn’t mean men should tear up their gym membership cards. Rather go easy on the body building so no protein shakes are needed and preferably follow a cardiovascular regime or a more gentle full body exercise programme which is not likely to lead to adrenal system disruption..