Can any lotions or pills help me grow my hair back? Are these dangerous?

The only two medically-proven products for solving hair loss and re-growing hair are Minoxidil (Regain and Rogain) and Finasteride (Propecia). Usually, neither can re-grow long locks; instead, resulting in short hairs. They also work differently with various users (some experience hair growth while some may do not). To deal with hair loss effectively, both must be used for life, and once stopped any hair re-grown will be lost and hair loss resuming/continuing.

Over the years and thousands of hair loss clients, we have found that best way to use these FDA approved drugs is in combinations with other FDA-approved products to create a multi-prong approach. On their own, for minor hair loss or thickening, they are fine. But, when combined with our other FDA and other products in a programme, they potentially generate more significant results.