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Aspiration Hair Innovation launches Next Generation hair systems for 2014.

Aspiration continues to generate industry-leading hair replacement and hair loss solutions with its new Next Generation product launch. The new hair replacement and hair loss products cover hair systems, Volumizers, and hair extensions as well as official Aspiration FMCG hair products including hair system adhesives, shampoos, detanglers, hair re-growth kits, etc. Aspiration also unveils a new innovative attachment method that allows a hair system to be placed over existing or short hair without the use of clips or knots. Still super-secure, yet capable of being removed with little difficulty, the new attachment method called Light-Touch™ is another industry-leading innovation from Aspiration Hair Solutions.

Newest Hair Loss article… “Hair Loss Does Not Mean Life Loss”

A to-the-point, inspirational and motivation article that shows anyone can be empowered to make hair loss and thing of the past with our technology. You just have to take a proactive approach to take control of enjoying life and living to its fullest… it is so simple. It’s up to you Not to waste another day by letting hair loss pull you down. Aspiration yourself back into life! We are there every step of the way!

Actress Adele Silva (Emmerdale) wears Aspiration extensions—to the MAX!

Always looking fantastic, actress Adele Silva prides herself on her rich, silky, perfectly-textured Aspiration Hair Extensions both on and off the set. Aspiration’s advanced technology ensures that her extensions never damage her own hair (with glues, heat or chemicals), and also remain undetectable. So, she can go to the gym and workout, run, swim, and just let her hair blow in the breeze and her hair still looks fantastic (and no one knows she has extensions!). Best of all, you get Aspiration hair quality and style but not at Mayfair prices!

Aspiration launches its Talk To Me™ initiative to show we really care!

(London, Jan. 17, 2010) With more and more people contacting Aspiration hair for information, the brand’s managers realise the need to effectively educate and inform those with questions. “As a company, we are very approachable and look at ourselves as a helping friend and resource, so we enjoy hearing from everyone with hair loss and hair replacement questions,” says Andrew Pollard. “We stress that there is no such thing as a silly question–and welcome everyone to the Aspiration brand.” But, with increasing inquiries from a broad demographic base, Aspiration has created its “Talk To Me” initiative which prepares consultants and all Aspiration staff to professionally deal with every type of hair loss and hair replacement inquiry. “Most people simply are first-time callers or emailers that want broad information, and sometimes feel embarrassed about inquiring about hair loss problems. We understand this, so we are very gentle, relaxed, and friendly to talk and ask questions to… Aspiration employees are trained to never be pushy or act like salesmen. We are an expert resource that many people want to speak with to learn about products, types of hair loss, prices, guarantees, location, and general hair loss and hair replacement Q&A,” says Mr. Pollard.

“Talk to Me” means just that: tell me what Aspiration can do for me, why it’s so great, how much time and cost are involved, and how you can get me back into enjoying my life. So, that’s what we do—and we do it in a friendly, relaxed, respectful, and gentle way. Some people call back 2 or 3 times without even giving their last name as they want to think about and digest the answers/information given without any pressure. To Aspiration, that’s how we work: without pressure and with genuine care for all who come to us. This is why we are so successful… we strongly care about ALL of our customers.”

Look great for 2010…

This year make hair loss a thing of the past with our amazing products that get you back into the game of life!

Looking your best is always in style, especially when new career hunting, keeping your current career safe, wanting to move up, or simply a new start for year. Studies tell us that people make judgments within 10 seconds of seeing you, and that qualities such as competency, likability, integrity, performance, and value-add are all enhanced by your appearance (with hair being at the centre of appearance). Sadly, hair loss can make you look older, feel less confident, and drain your energy and ambition. Aspiration Hair has the technology and products to make any hair loss a thing of the past! Guaranteed!

Looking your best also transfers to every other area of your life from self-perception to relationships to hobbies to past-times to simply getting out and living life to its fullest.

Aspiration Hair wants to help you take control of your life in this time of economic change by offering you direct financial help through its Summer 2010 Sale.

Come and see us for FREE! Aspiration offers free transport* from anywhere mainland UK to come and see us in London Bridge, London!

(London, Jan. 2010). Demand for Aspiration’s products and services from across the UK have been so strong we are now offering to offset the transport costs involved in coming to Aspiration Hair Centre. “Whilst we are set to open more branches across the UK over the next 3-4 years, for those suffering from hair loss or simply wanting access to our products and services this is simply too long,” says co-founder Andrew Pollard. So, the best thing we could do was offer the cost of transport to come and see us. The programme works by having all of a client’s transport costs from their initial consultation, design, and fitting being deducted from a purchase price.* Hence, if transport costs are 175 pounds and a client purchases an Aspiration Hair system, then he entire 175 pounds will be taken off the hair system purchase price.

“Our products also have been designed to be managed from a distance. We have clients from Leeds, Nottingham and even Scotland who manage fine with only having to come and see us once every few months. They often use the visit as a mini-break “day in London” trip. It works really well.”

The programme also helps to ensure that customers across the UK have access to purchasing official Aspiration Hair Solutions products and not the substitutes starting to be seen across the UK. “Our products are industry-leading and backed by our Aspiration Promise™ (the industry’s best warranty), so accept no copies or substitutes which sadly are starting to crop up. This programme means that wherever you are in the UK you can buy the real McKoy… which is Aspiration.”

Aspiration Innovation at work: the Aspiration Front Hairline just took another jump forward.

The world’s most amazing front hairline has just gotten even better… finer, stronger, more microscopic and more like the one nature originally gave you. The below untouched photo of our next-generation hair replacement system is the best way to demonstrate what we mean.

Be amazed and enjoy!

First impressions are made within 10 seconds… and a better life starts with one first step. Let us Aspiration you to change your life…

Doom and gloom are in the news, newspapers, and even on your bank statement! But, Aspiration Hair are optimists… seeing opportunity for people in all the turmoil. Now is the time to re-tool your career and life, self-improve, and simply become better… and not let hair loss get in your way. Studies show that hair is your single most important appearance feature, framing your face, enhancing your skin and eyes, and making you look fresher, softer, and younger… great hair changes lives.

Our hair loss solutions are industry-leading, making people look and feel their best—confident, relaxed, and ready to enjoy life with a positive self-image. Let us improve and empower your life with our amazing, world-leading innovation. Hair loss should never be allowed to stop you enjoying life to its fullest. Let us Aspiration you to put hair loss behind you.

Aspiration launches its products for hair loss “Home Therapy Kits”

Due to demand, official Aspiration Hair Solutions products for hair loss, hair re-growth, and hair improvement including Home Hair Therapy kits will be available for purchase globally. Only minutes per day in the privacy of your home or office is needed to make hair loss a thing of the past.

“We are excited that serious hope is now available across the UK and worldwide for those experiencing hair loss,” says Andrew Pollard. Our kits are the first in the world to combine 3 USA-FDA approved products (the world’s only 3 products approved by the USA-FDA for hair loss/re-growth) as well as Official Aspiration Hair detoxifiers and nutritionals. Combined, there is no more formidable complete product anywhere… and backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty: our Aspiration Hair Promise™. For those suffering basic male-pattern baldness/hair loss, up to 90% have some hair re-growth or have their hair loss stopped from getting worse.”

Aspiration Hair Solutions Innovation: the Aspiration Club™… another blow to hair loss.

Aspiration Hair launches its new Aspiration Club™, an innovative hair loss and hair replacement product where customers receive 2 premium Aspiration Hair Systems, 12 re-grooms, and seven day a week appointments per year for only £2500. “We want to offer customers experiencing hair loss convenience, great products, afford-ability and value. And this programme is a typical Aspiration way of doing this. Everything is included, so you don’t have to worry about a thing (hair-wise) for 1 year, which is fantastic to those suffering from hair loss,” says Andrew. “Especially, people now want value and premium-ness, which is what our Aspiration You Club is all about. The real idea is ‘hope for hair loss’ via innovative hair loss products that add serious value to people’s lives. We are about improving lives and empowering people to be all they can be.” All of Aspiration Hair’s products offer its famed Aspiration Promise™ the hair loss and hair replacement industry’s leading warranty.

Aspiration Hair Extensions Sale 30% 0ff for Summer 2010!

Enjoy Summer with the hair extensions of your dreams… Kinder, Gorgeous, and Non-Damaging!

Aspiration Hair extensions are seen as the best on the planet—they do not use messy and damaging glues, chemicals, or heat. For gorgeous hair of your dreams, look no further than our “kinder” extensions. Backed by our famed Aspiration Promise™ warranty, they are the choice of leading celebrities.

Share our Special offer with your family and friends! Simply refer them to Aspiration Hair, mention “Aspiration Hair Extensions Summer Sale” and we will give them the 30% discount off of their purchase of our famed Aspiration Hair™ extensions.