Big Hair – Little Hair, our changing times

big hair, 1980s

When I was a teenager in the 1980s, a number of us had hair almost as thick as this. In fact my own hair was so thick (even without a shaggy perm), that I struggled to get hair clips which would stay in and not immediately pop open again (before ethnic hair ornaments became widely available).

thin hair 2

In the 2010’s I’ve noticed many young women have hair more like this.

Still a respectable coverage of hair, but even accounting for changing fashions, there is a noticeable reduction in volume, particularly as hair grows longer. The use of extensions (unheard of in my home town in the 80s) have also become commonplace.

Having subsequently become a hair loss sufferer myself since my crowning glory days, I automatically find myself scanning other people’s hairlines and noticing more and more young people with wider partings than were typical in the past.

While there seem to be no statistics on the demographics/geography of Western world hair loss over the years, what we do know is that more and more individuals are reporting hair loss as a problem and seeking help, although some of these are undoubtedly people who may not have come forward a few years ago when the subject was more taboo.

It seems clear to me that some aspect of modern life is detrimental to our hair health and should be investigated, particularly if it’s starting to strike at a younger and younger age.

Meantime as long as there is Aspiration Hair, there is a normal life and beautiful hair to be had, so no need to let hair loss hold you back or drag you down.

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