Beware of Brazilian Weaves

brazilian weave 1

24-year old Helzie Amnell-Connor from Leeds woke up one morning to find blood gushing from her Brazilian wig-weave (left). Her father hastily helped her cut it away to reveal a 6-inch gash in her hairline (right). The band holding the hair on had been digging into her scalp for weeks. which would have also restricted her blood flow, with a potential for serious consequences.

She had had the weave applied some weeks earlier in a West Yorkshire salon for £200 and it had felt tight and uncomfortable from the start but the salon assured her this was ‘normal’ and she would get used to it.

For all individuals tempted to get extensions or weaves, pain is not normal so do not allow your salon to convince you otherwise as this could be the start of traction alopecia, or even more extreme, the type of traction injury that Helzie suffered, though hopefully her hair will grow back once the scar tissue has healed.

A reputable salon would have told Helzie that her hair was too short at the sides for a hair weave to be a good idea and to come back again a few weeks later when it had grown an inch or so or consider an alternative cosmetic solution in the meantime such as a bonded system or fashion wig if it was purely to change her look for a special occasion rather than to counter hair loss.

In addition £200 seems a bit cheap for this work (if they were using genuine Brazilian hair) and the hairline in the long hair photo looks rough and unconvincing.

We at Aspiration Hair advise that you always do your research before choosing a salon. Do they specialise in the type of weaves, hair systems or extensions you want? What are their reviews like? Can you speak to other happy customers? Can you see their products first? How many of these hair procedures has your stylist done before? Once I asked for a senior stylist in a seemingly high class salon and was palmed off with a junior who looked about twelve. She then proceeded to give me the worst haircut I’ve ever had in my life. I shudder to think what sort of job she would have made of a weave!

Remember you are the customer and you have the right to leave the salon happy with the service you have received, whichever service you have selected. And certainly the right not to be injured by any work you have had done.

Alternatively, if you can make it to one of our five national Aspiration Hair salons, you can enjoy the reassurance of being in safe and expert hands for all hair solutions.