Be Nice To Your Stylist!


Hairdressing is a tough old game in any salon. You’re on your feet all day in a room full of hot water and hot equipment and if a client is late or overruns you may miss your breaks and have to worry that your stomach may start snarling at the next client. To cap it all you may get a grumpy client whom you just can’t please and  many a sensitive stylist has been lost to the profession for the crime of not being able to make their client look like Claudia Schiffer (no matter that this might be an impossible feat for any salon)! In addition sometimes it is the duty of a good stylist to refuse if a client wants yet another colour on their hair which is likely to turn it green rather than the desired shade! Or if their hair has failed a chemical test and is likely to suffer an adverse reaction to a treatment.

Most stylists do their best to remain professional and smiley, no matter what.

Here at Aspiration Hair we are mostly blessed with clients who are only too happy to walk out with heads of great hair and we love that we are actually transforming our client’s lives.  Many of our stylists started their careers in everyday hairdressing so they particularly appreciate this added dimension of job satisfaction.

However the best relationships are always a two-way street. This doesn’t mean that a client should feel obliged to spend their appointment discussing their next holiday plans if they’d rather stay quiet, just that it helps if they say a few words about their hair and their preferences in order that they leave the salon with the best possible results and highest customer satisfaction rather than if the stylist has to guess everything. For some reason, male clients seem particularly shy, but there is really no need. Full privacy and discretion goes without saying and we of all people understand what you have been through with your hair issues.

Being a specialist salon we also appreciate it if clients can let us know as soon as possible if they need to change or cancel an appointment as this enables us to help other clients or fit in emergency appointments.

Each client will have a different hair or hair treatment regime so if you know you are going to need your hair coloured for example, please make sure you ask for (and book) an extra half hour on your appointment. A new system cut-in will typically need a two hour appointment. A re-groom an hour and a half.  Familiarising yourself with the appointment times you will need for the treatments and procedures relevant to you helps the smooth-running of the salon immensely. One client came in the other day asking if we could do a two hour appointment in half an hour! However to reduce an appointment by three-quarters is just not practical in hair replacement and she would have been dissatisfied with the result so we had to request that she rebook. Happily she understood and managed to re-jig her arrangements.