Be Honest – “Systems” are Just a Fancy Name for Wigs!

I assume the writer of this has a full head of hair, or has simply given up on ever re-gaining theirs. Nothing can replace your real, living hair at this point. BUT, technology and the dedication of many people has made it possible for hair loss sufferers to come close. Speaking for our firm, Aspiration Hair, we have spent MANY YEARS creating systems (including the famed Aspiration Front Hair Line) that comes as close as humanly possible to replicating a person’s real hair. No, they do not grow like living hair, and they can come off if you dive off the Golden Gate Bridge or the London Eye. But, in everyday living including riding your motorbike or going for a run or going to a concert or dinner or roller skating through Hyde park or simply LIVING and Enjoying your life- they are wonderful. They breathe, sweat, can be styled like your real hair, you can run your fingers (or your partner’s) through them, and THEY ARE TOTALLY UNDETECTABLE; and the number one comment we get from hair loss sufferers is: “I got my life back”. It all depends if you see the glass as half empty or full!